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About PracticalMarkets

PracticalMarkets is a consulting consortium that brings together the finest experts in their respective fields. PracticalMarkets provides consulting services to companies developing new strategies, products and services. Whether launching an Internet venture to complement a successful traditional business, or launching a new startup company with dreams of a successful IPO, executable strategies and business planning are critical to success.

An effective business plan can guide the successful growth of a business as well as deliver the interest of investors. As such, business plans are living documents that should be revisited and re-polished to best inform internal corporate decisions and best reflect the company’s value to outside investors. Of course, a business plan is only as good as the internal business strategies on which the plan is built.

PracticalMarkets can assist in the development of concrete business strategy documents and the resulting business plans required to successfully launch your new venture. PracticalMarkets Partners have over 100 years of combined business and technical experience; have launched dozens of new businesses for both large and small companies; and have expertise across all major business and technical functions.

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